VOICES 15th Anniversary Events

September 9, 2016
Event:  VOICES Resiliency Symposium | Knowledge to Practice: Pathways to Long-Term Healing

Location:  Downtown Marriott, New York City

Date: September 10-15, 2016
Event:  Annual Day of Remembrance Information Forum

Location:  Downtown Marriott, New York City

Date: September 12, 2016
Event:  Public Discourse Initiative

Location:  Grace Farms, New Canaan, CT

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9/11 Survivors Commemoration & Book Launch + 9/11 Museum Visit (Complimentary Pass)

September 10, 2016  * RSVP required to secure tickets and restaurant

12:00PM – Survivors Commemoration & Book Launch
4:00PM – Survivors visit to 9/11 Museum  *Complimentary Tickets will be secured

Location: New York City – Lower Manhattan (Walking distance to 9/11 Museum)

Organization: September 11 Survivors of Three World Trade Center

Details: The foundation is having a commemoration gathering that coincides with the Launch of our book “Hotel 9/11” This will be followed by a visit to the museum. The event is in New York City is open to all individuals affected by the events of September 11, including survivors, hotel responders, hotel employees, hotel guests, family members, or anyone else who supports our mission. Our mission is to increase the strength and resiliency of the survivors of Three World Trade Center who survived the attacks on September 11th, 2001; to remember the sacrifices and the losses of that day; to promote the improvement of life for survivors; and to educate the public on the impact of terrorism and its aftermath.

Contact: Joyce Ng