September 11, 2023 Commemoration

Family and friends of those lost on 9/11 gathered to pay tribute during day-long ceremonies at Ashburton Park, the Massachusetts State House, and the Garden of Remembrance. Listen to the recording of the September 11, 2023 as well as view photos of the event  here.


Free Mass 9/11 Fund History Resources Available for Social Studies Teachers

The Massachusetts 9/11 Fund now offers high school social studies educators teaching resources that tell the overlooked story of how the terrorist attacks began with innocent passengers, pilots and crew boarding two planes at Boston’s Logan Airport. A video and accompanying learning guides are available to educators at no cost. They are designed to engage students in classroom discussions and coursework about the impact of 9/11 on families of the victims and local communities across the Commonwealth. They include profiles of victims from Massachusetts and provide proposed discussion questions, full video transcripts, and sourcing of the content cited in the videos. Read the media announcement here.


Remembering Our Loved Ones

We invite you to learn more about our loved ones; what they meant to us, our memories, their special gifts.



License Plates

The Massachusetts 9/11 Fund shares the proceeds of the United We Stand license plates with local police and fire departments and the Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund. These plates can be obtained at any Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles office or through the RMV website. Once you are on the site, scroll down to the middle of the page until you see the section titled, Order a Special/Vanity Plate.



Garden of Remembrance

When you are in Boston, please take a moment to visit our beautiful Garden of Remembrance in the Boston Public Garden.This is a memorial dedicated to the 9/11 victims from or with ties to Massachusetts. It is located just inside the Arlington Street entrance. For more photos, an audio description, and a video tour please visit here.





Generous Donation from American Airlines Flight Attendants

Thank you to the American Airlines flight attendants for their generous donation of $4233 to the Mass 9/11 Fund in memory of their colleagues who died on 9/11 2001. Funds were raised through a walk and t-shirt sales on 9/11/21. The “Walk to Remember” began at BC High School, who graciously donated their parking lot for this event. The “Walk” started at BC High and along the waterfront to the JFK Library. Once at the JFK Library, American Airlines flight attendant, Jeff LaForest, sand and included the reading of the poem, “American United,” written by United employee Susan Moses and fellow crew members from both airlines. The poem was written days after the attacks by Susan Moses, dedicated to the employees of AA & UA. Three eco-friendly wreaths, along with white carnations, were tossed into Boston Harbor. One wreath for each – American Airlines, United Airlines & First Responders.