From its inception in 2001, The Massachusetts 9/11 Fund designated in its by-laws that “there shall be an advisory committee” made up of families who lost loved ones on 9/11/01. Who is in a better position to advise a Board of Directors comprised of volunteers from a broad sector of professions and interests, than a representative group of those most affected?

This committee has accepted an even more comprehensive responsibility beginning in 2011 as the Family Advisory Committee (FAC) became the working body of The Fund since the Board of Directors made the decision to dramatically reduce programmatic and administrative staff of the organization. This change is a testimony to the energy, will and commitment of the FAC that the mission of The Fund will continue unabated.

Committee Members are: Karin Giansanti (Chair), Patricia Hoban (Vice Chair), Leslie Blair, Iris Friedman, Diane Hunt, and Teresa Mathai