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Rethinking Schools – War, Terrorism and Our Classrooms

9/11 Memorial Education Packet

9/11 Anniversary Teaching Guide

9-11 Day Observance


Helping Children Cope with War and Terrorism- English Edition

Helping Children Cope with War and Terrorism- Supplement English Edition

Helping Children Cope with War and Terrorism – Spanish Edition

Helping Children Cope with War and Terrorism – Chinese Edition

Helping Children Cope with War and Terrorism – Arabic Edition

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9/11 Memorial Museum – Teaching 9/11

About 9/11 Lesson Plan

Learning from the Challenges of Our Times:  Global Security, Terrorism, and 9/11 in the Classroom

Teaching in the Aftermath of the September 11th Tragedy



High School (Grades 9 – 12)

9-11 Food Drive

Countering Anti-Muslim & Anti-Arab Bias in Our Schools

Investigating Terrorism

Teaching Critical Thinking: The Believing Game & the Doubting Game

Teaching on Controversial Issues

Responding to the Death of Osama Bin Laden

Oil: Saudi Arabia, the U.S. & Osama bin Laden

New York Times Resources

PBS global Connections: The Middle East

PBS the New Normal

PBS’s America Responds: Classroom Resources (Afghanistan)

PBS’s America Responds: Classroom Resources (Model Summit)

PBS’s America Responds: Classroom Resources (Taming Terrorism)

Social Science Research Council
In the days immediately following September 11, 2001, the Council invited a wide range of leading social scientists from around the world to write short essays for an online forum, After September 11. Written against two-week deadlines when it was difficult to come by sure knowledge in a time of quickly changing circumstances, the forum’s essays would be downloaded millions of times and used extensively by teachers and journalists.

A decade later, contributors to the original forum were asked to reflect on what they wrote and to explore what has changed and what remains the same since those harrowing times. The result is this extraordinary digital collection of new essays, 10 Years after September 11. Short and written in a style that is accessible to both academic and non-academic readers, the essays offer deep, expert analysis of developments since 9/11 from the perspectives of the social sciences.


Teaching Resource for High School and College Classrooms
Using the SSRC’s “After September 11” Essay Collection

Young people are trying to make sense of the terrorist attack on September 11th and its aftermath.

These events have created an extraordinary “teachable moment” to engage students in discussions about the global context of these attacks, the options for U.S. government and allied responses, as well as the potential consequences of terrorism. This teaching resource aims to provide teachers with the tools to seize on this “teachable moment.”

At the same time that working with these essays sharpens students’ analytical, reading and writing skills, using the work of international experts in the field of sociology, political science, economics, anthropology, history and geography exposes students to various worldviews, a central component of a well-rounded education.


Middle School (Grades 6-8)

You’re Beautiful

9-11 Book Drive

9-11 Food Drive

A Tribute to First Responders

Hallway of Heroes


Elementary School (Grades K – 5)

9-11 Book Drive

A Tribute to First Responders

Hallway of Heroes

The Giving Garden

America Responds: Classroom Resources (A Nation of Cultures)

America Responds: Classroom Resources (Conflicting Views)

America Responds: Classroom Resources (The American Flag)

America Responds: Classroom Resources (World at Peace)

Constitutional Rights Foundation

Fight Hate and Promote Tolerance

How can I promote tolerance?